Can Under 18-year-olds enter the premise and what are the rules?

  • Under 18s may only enter the venue with a Responsible Adult; when inside the venue, they must be seated with a Responsible Adult (no running or other activities are permitted inside).
    • Under 18s may not enter the bar area, even to get water.
  • Under 18s are allowed to play in the outdoor area under adult supervision, within ‘eyes-on’ distance, but are not allowed to climb fences and furniture, nor kick balls aggressively or cause a nuisance to other children and patrons.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Under 18s may only draw on the chalkboard. Drawing anywhere else is strictly forbidden.
  • After 9pm, under 18s are not allowed in the premise (unless approved by management).
  • Managers have the right to ask a group to leave the premise if multiple infringements occur.

Can I bring decorations / an entertainer in?

  • We only allow decorations and entertainers for our two function areas (Green Nook & Sunroom), and this must be booked through the correct channels. Anywhere else is not permitted, unless approved by management.

What are the rules for barefoot bowls?

  • Barefoot bowls is not for children, as we do not have child-sized bowls. In addition, kids may not play on the green.
  • You must play barefoot or with socks on, however, judgment can be made for wearing flatfooted shoes when the green is wet.
    • Shoes must be worn when re-entering the building.

Can I book an outside picnic table?

  • You can book an outside picnic table; however, the booking must be for a minimum 24 adults or more, and attracts a minimum spend of $35 per person on food. For more information, please click here:
  • Please note that as per the above, decorations and entertainers are not allowed out in our beer garden, and may only be used in conjunction with our function spaces.

Can I book function space?

  • Yes, you may book a function space. We have two options: the Sunroom is inside and the Green Nook is undercover. Each space is for a minimum 30 adults or more and attracts a minimum spend of $35 per person on food, plus a $275 room hire fee. For more information, please click here:
  • Decorations and child entertainers are permitted in both these spaces.

Can I bring external food into the venue?

  • No external food is permitted on the premise except for a celebration cake.

Do I have to pay to bring a cake?

  • You are welcome to bring your own cake to the venue. We are happy to assist in cutting and serving your cake to your reserved area for a $30 fee.